Not everyone can relate to having “perfect skin.”

Many people rely on cosmetic products to cover-up as many spots and breakouts as possible, and that’s perfectly normal. On your journey to achieving that dream glow, it is understandable if you search the internet for skincare routines.

However, this exposes you to so much unverified information and could lead you to develop skincare routines that seem to be the perfect solution for your skin, but may end up not having no effect at all, or a negative effect.

Let’s help you rethink what you believe a perfect skincare routine is.

Here are 5 common skincare myths that you should definitely not believe;

1. Expensive products work best

Ever heard people say expensive products are the best for your skin? Things like “if it is so cheap, how can it be effective?” So many people equate high cost to high quality, and that isn’t always true. The fact is that it all depends on your skin type. It doesn’t matter if the product is expensive or not.

While expensive products are very well branded and packaged, some affordable, natural products can be more effective. It does not matter how expensive the product is, rather, the trick is knowing and understanding your skin type and working with products that are best for you. Do not allow anyone to sell you an overpriced product based on that false ideology.

2. Acne is a result of infrequent face washing

Some people also claim that you get acne from not washing your face. Although this is not entirely out of place, infrequent face washing is not a primary cause of acne. It’s more of a way to help deal with acne. Acne has a variety of causes. It can be triggered when it’s a woman’s time of the month,  as a reaction to particular foods or skin-care products, pregnancy, hormonal changes, bacterial or fungal infections. Definitely not from not washing your face.

3. Applying Make-up makes you Age Faster

There is no proof that wearing make-up, no matter how often, will make anyone age faster. Fun fact – there are so many makeup products that nourish and protect your skin. However, if you do not wash off make-up properly before bed, you’re leaving not just the makeup, but the dirt, oil, and toxins your skin has collected over the course of the day. It’s not the makeup, it’s just bad hygiene habits.

4. The harder you scrub or exfoliate the better

While the phrase, “no pain, no gain” is relevant when it comes to exercise, it doesn’t quite apply in the context of exfoliating your skin. You do not have to hurt or be in pain to have perfect skin. Doing so would only cause a lot of damage to your skin. Be kind to your skin and exfoliate once or twice a week. Exfoliating too often robs your skin of its natural nutrients and makes your skin more susceptible to infections.

5. When it burns, it’s working

Like the last point, this is also wrong in so many ways. Here’s a personal experience – There was once a time I was among the lot that believed this myth, and I always left skincare products on my face for longer-than-normal, thinking they would work better. Until the faithful day when I left this particular face lotion on for a very long period, even with the burning sensation I felt. The next day I was shedding skin.

A burning sensation is simply a warning notice, a sign of your skin crying for help. Pay attention to your skin and wash any product off your face with warm water as soon as you notice a burning sensation.

Try your possible best not to believe everything you see on the internet, so you do not fall prey to fabricated tales that most times are not entirely true, or are misconstrued.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to skincare routines. Be patient, and learn what works best for your skin.

Finally, skin irritations could be a result of a variety of factors, ranging from cosmetics to food, and even medication. When you notice such, it’s best you speak with a doctor immediately, and receive professional advice before making any decisions, instead of looking for answers online.

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