7 Habits That Are Killing Your Sex Drive

habits that reduce your sex drive

Sex can be exciting, no doubt, but for many people, it can also be undesirable, and this is where your sex drive plays a key role.

Your sex drive/libido is your overall desire for sexual activity. It may be heightened or reduced by various biological, psychological, or physical factors. For sexual health awareness month, we’ll take a look at a few habits which can cause a decline in your sex drive.

It is not news to sexually active people to experience a decline in their sexual urges, this decline may however be triggered by some lifestyle choices or situation at the time. It is perfectly normal to go through phases where you experience less of an urge to engage in sexual activity, however, if this occurs frequently then you might have to look into some of your lifestyle choices or habits.

What habits might be killing your sex drive?

 1. Lack of Excercise

lack of exercise can contribute to reducing your sex drive

A lack of exercise or active body movements can result in laziness during sex. Sitting in one place for hours limits blood flow to your private parts, and can be harmful to your sex drive. So If you have a desk job, we recommend that you exercise regularly to improve your blood circulation.

 2. Lack of Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces the stress hormone, cortisol, which reduces your sex drive. Studies have shown that women with sleep issues often do not feel like having sex.

 3.  Too much Alcohol

effects of alcohol on sex drive

Drinking too much can ruin your sex life. It will slow down your process of reaching an orgasm, and some women may even feel less aroused. Too much alcohol can also slow down the functioning of your brain during sex, affecting your mood in the process.

4. You Stick to the Same Old Routine

Sometimes a stale sex spell is just a matter of being stuck in a loop. You might have a routine and not even realize it. If you notice this, have an open conversation with your partner and figure out ways you can spice things up.

5. You Might be Overweight

Is your scale showing a higher number than usual these days? Shedding a few pounds could boost your performance in the bedroom. One study found that men with a waist over 40 inches were more likely to have erectile dysfunction than those with slimmer stomachs.

 6.  Smoking

 There’s a long list of ways smoking harms your health, and slashing sexual desire is on it.  Chemicals in tobacco can mess with blood flow, which can cause sexual problems, especially for men.

Many people go through challenges with their sex drive and sex life in general without speaking to their partners about it or getting professional help, and this can easily make the problem worse.

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