It’s easier to caption a really cute picture with #SelfLove than actually practice the act of loving and appreciating ourselves from time to time. Self- appreciation is the most important lifestyle factor every individual should practice in order to attain a healthy lifestyle. 

Ever wondered if you love yourself enough? Do you outline positive things to say in appreciation of yourself? Not to worry! This article helps you identify self-esteem issues, reasons why you should solve them, and the benefits of self-appreciation.

   The act of self-appreciation plays a major role in your health and wellbeing, boosting your self-confidence could take a lot of time but there are a number of ways in which you can show compassion and more understanding to yourself.

    Our mind is a powerful tool that influences our daily activities, and in general, our way of life. This, in turn, can affect our health. 

Self-esteem is the overall opinion you have about yourself, it is also how you feel about your abilities and limitations. More often than none research shows that most people tend to have low-self esteem.

What signs show you have low-self-esteem?

  1. Are you avoiding new things and not taking up opportunities?
  2. Do you feel unloved and unwanted?
  3. Are you constantly blaming others for your own mistakes?
  4. Do you find it difficult to deal with normal levels of frustration?
  5. Negative self-talk and comparisons to others.
  6. Fear of failure or embarrassment.
  7. Difficulty making friends.

Have you found any of the above similar to your behavior? If yes, you might have to show yourself a little more appreciation.

What are the advantages of self-appreciation to your health?

    Self – appreciation molds in many ways a person’s lifestyle choices, hence when you take some time off to relax, reflect, and appreciate your good works, this can affect your health positively. During this journey, you will want to give your body everything it needs: sleep, food, water, and exercise. Living a healthy lifestyle is difficult for most people, but it can be done to help you reach your goals. Self-appreciation will give you the motivation you need to incorporate your goals into your daily routine. The positive results of your lifestyle will shine through as you build the confidence to begin new challenges. 

      In conclusion, we advise that you find comfortable activities that best suit you, to use as a form of motivation, to reflex and find new reasons every day to say thank you! 

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