Habits to Form a Healthy Evening Routine

One wakes up an hour before work, rush to get ready, shower at lightning speed and grab an energy bar or coffee before running out the door. Still, work leaves you feeling overwhelmed and long before the week is over, you are burned out and know you won’t hit this week’s goals.

How does one get out of this? ROUTINES.

Good healthy evening routines help you achieve more, think clearly and do work that actually matters. They keep you from stumbling through the next day and make sure you get the most important things done. The close of each day is just as important as the start. By implementing evening routines, you ready yourself for the next morning, recharge with a restful night and minimize the resistance one would encounter in getting things done.

The activities you choose to do during those precious minutes before you go to bed all play a part in having productive days. Whether it’s checking your phone or reading a book, take a moment to assess which ones help you hinder you from performing at your best the following day.

Here are some evening habits worth developing:

1.  Stay Hydrated: There are a slew of health benefits of drinking water, from helping keep your heart healthy to improving your skin. Dehydration has been proven to decrease mood and promote stress in men and women.

2.  Cut Evening Caffeine: If you are trying to boost your sleep quality, you may need to cut down on the afternoon and evening caffeine.

3.  Have a Healthy Meal: There are so many reasons to eat a healthy dinner so often as you can. Enjoying a delicious, healthy meal can help nourish your body, steady your blood sugar and set you up for sleep success.

4.  Watch the Alcohol: Enjoying a nightly beverage is not inherently problematic; in fact, it may provide some health benefits. However, indulging, especially before bed, can lead to not-so-restful sleep. Even though a drink might make you tired, your quality of sleep is impacted. Alcohol can plummet our blood sugar, causing us to wake up or have shallow sleep in the middle of the night. It can also lead to dehydration. If you are going to have a drink, move it earlier in the night and hydrate with water closer to bedtime.

5.  Step Away from Screens: The light given off by the screens of our smartphones and TVs can suppress the production of melatonin, our sleep hormone. Artificial light can also shift our circadian rhythms and keep us up later, even after we log off. Shut down electronics at least 30 minutes before bed to let your brain relax and melatonin rise.

6.  Plan Ahead: Doing a little bit of planning for tomorrow or tidying up at night can help us feel prepared and accomplished going into a new day. It can be hard to get quality sleep for a lot of reasons but stressing too much about sleep can make it worse. These simple habits can help you build a healthy evening routine that helps keep you from tossing and turning. Sleep has benefits including improved mental health, immunity and more, so use these tips to set yourself up for success and feel more rested tomorrow.

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